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Yes, uncontested divorce is possible

Not every divorce has to get ugly or mean, or devastate your finances. If you and your spouse prioritize a respectful divorce, you can achieve it. One of the simplest ways to set the tone for the divorce is to meet with an attorney and discuss your options, specifically exploring uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce continues to rise in popularity, as many couples facing marital struggles realize that divorce doesn't have to ruin your life, your finances or even your relationship with your ex-spouse. While you may not remain friends with your ex after the divorce is final, taking the time to explore amicable divorce opportunities benefits everyone involved, both in the short and long term.

Demystifying parenting plans and how to come to agreements

Going through a divorce when you have minor children at home is rarely easy. You and your ex will have to come to an agreement about parenting matters. If you can do this together now, you are setting the right precedent for your future parenting relationship.

As you embark on the process of creating a parenting plan, you might think that it will be quite difficult. Don't make it more challenging than it has to be. Try to keep things simple but comprehensive. Here are some tips to help you get started:

5 signs that your marriage might be over

All marriages are going to have their ups and downs. While some couples can work through their problems and come out with stronger relationships, others just were not meant to be. If you feel like you are in a continuous loop and you and your spouse do not seem to be making any headway when it comes to working out your problems, you may be thinking about divorce.

Sometimes, especially after years of having more downs than ups, the only option to get your life back on track might be divorce. A few sessions of couple's therapy may not be the answer when it comes to dealing with years of anger, hurt feelings, and emotional separation from your husband. If the following five signs of divorce are present, it may be time to seriously consider throwing in the towel.

What happens if your ex refuses to pay child support?

Ending a marriage is never easy. It can be an emotional, trying time. If your former spouse is acting out and mistreating you or your children, it can become much more difficult. Sometimes, out of spite, a parent can refuse to pay child support during divorce proceedings. Perhaps your former spouse thinks he or she will gain custody during the divorce, or maybe he or she is just trying to hurt you. If your divorce is contentious and involves someone unwilling to cooperate with court orders, you need the help of an experienced Pennsylvania family law and divorce attorney to make things work.

Legal guidance is important to seek enforcement efforts from the court. An attorney can also help document any mistreatment or abuse that happens after you file for divorce. If your former spouse is threatening you, you need help seeking a protective order. Your attorney can also help you in the process of building a case for permanent custody of your children. While it can place an unfair burden on you, your former spouse's refusal to pay child support can help you establish a valid argument with the courts for full custody of your children when your divorce gets finalized.

Will your inheritance be part of the divorce settlement?

Several years ago your father passed away and left you a substantial sum of money. Now that you are getting divorced, you are wondering if your future ex-wife is entitled to a portion of it.

Getting divorced is a very complicated process, especially when there is property involved. This is why it is important to understand Pennsylvania marital property laws. While the information below contains the basics of how the state will divide property, an experienced divorce attorney can walk you through the detail of the entire process.

Divorce and what it can and can't do for you

Nobody gets married with the idea that they will one day go through the divorce process. Even so, this happens to thousands of couples every year.

The question of whether to divorce or stay together is never a simple one to answer. On one side of things, you may have a very good reason for wanting to split. Conversely, there may be other reasons to stay together, such as to provide your children with a two-parent home.


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