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Divorce can have major financial implications

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Divorce |

The process of dissolving a marriage can have major financial consequences. This is especially true if the two people who are getting divorced have a large number of assets or have high-value assets. Here are some tips for minimizing the negative impacts of divorce in Pennsylvania.

For starters, divorcing individuals would be wise to gather information about their financial standing before embarking on the marital dissolution process. The reason for this is that people, on average, take a decade and a half to financially recover from the divorce process. Understanding their asset and liability situations early on in the divorce process may help them to make wise financial decisions and thus avoid making potentially costly mistakes.

One mistake that people going through divorce often make is to keep the marital home. They may understandably be inclined to hang onto the home for sentimental reasons, particularly if their children grew up in the home. However, they might end up facing maintenance costs and property tax amounts that they cannot absorb with their post-divorce incomes, in which case they may end up having to give up the house anyway.

No part of the divorce process is easy, especially the monetary aspect of it. However, a divorce attorney in Pennsylvania can help a divorcing spouse to make the best decisions possible regarding matters such as asset distribution, spousal support and child custody. The attorney’s chief goal is to help the divorcing individual to achieve a comprehensive and fair divorce settlement with the other party.