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Can Custody Orders Be Modified?

As a parent, you made sure that the child custody plan you set up with your co-parent and filed with the court was rational and sustainable and, most of all, met your children’s best interests. But as years pass, what made sense at the time might now be cumbersome for the parents or less than ideal for the kids.

Custody Modification Lawyer Standing Up For Parents

Fortunately, Pennsylvania parents may be able to get their child custody plan changed. The Law Offices of Dawn K. Gull helps parents in Allegheny and Butler counties with post-decree child custody modifications, offering more than 20 years of experience and practical advice that gives them the best possible chance of success.

Why Parents Seek Custody Modifications

One or both parties to a child custody plan might want to make changes for many reasons, such as:

  • A parent who shares custody wants to change the days he or she has the children.
  • A parent wants to take a job that requires a move out of state.
  • One of the children wants to go to school closer to one of the parents.

Whatever the parent’s reasons to seek a change, if the other parent objects, an experienced family law attorney’s assistance is vital. Dawn K. Gull has practiced family law in Pennsylvania since 1996. She is a tough litigator who will stand up for your parental rights and seek a positive solution.

Get Answers To Your Modification Questions

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