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Children’s Best Interests: What Does This Mean?

Pennsylvania law states that every child custody and child support decision be made in the child’s best interests. The Law Offices of Dawn K. Gull‘s mission is to uphold this standard for each of our clients’ children. But what does “the child’s best interests” mean exactly?

Determining Child Custody In Pennsylvania

Child custody is a complex matter, and there is no hard and fast definition. Instead, the law sets forth 16 courts must consider. Here is a partial list of those factors:

  • The ability of each parent to provide a loving, stable home for the children
  • The children’s ages
  • The children’s educational, developmental and health-related needs
  • How near to each other the parents live
  • If a child is old enough, his or her preferences

Again, this is just a partial list, and many things can affect whether a family law judge will approve a primary custody or shared custody plan. You need a lawyer who will help you explain your position and make a persuasive case in your favor. Lead attorney Dawn K. Gull has handled child custody disputes in Allegheny and Butler counties since 1996. She has earned a reputation as a tough litigator and negotiator because of her practical and knowledgeable approach to the law.

Learn More About Pennsylvania Child Custody

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