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High Net Worth Divorces Pose Unique Challenges

Except for the children, money is the biggest thing at stake in most divorce cases. The Law Offices of Dawn K. Gull has more than 20 years of experience representing clients in Allegheny and Butler counties who must work out division of substantial assets.

Protect Your Assets In Divorce

Our law firm is prepared to help you protect your most valuable assets, including:

Attorney Dawn K. Gull represents professionals with considerable wealth throughout the Pittsburgh area. She guides them throughout the divorce process with practical advice and tenacious advocacy until she has reached your best possible result.

Marital Vs. Nonmarital Property Explained

One of the most important elements in any high net worth divorce is separating marital property from nonmarital property. In Pennsylvania, marital property generally means anything you or your spouse acquired while you were married. Nonmarital or separate property is anything owned by you or your spouse prior to your wedding. To further confuse things, nonmarital property can become marital property if it has become commingled with marital assets.

Our law firm brings decades of experience to property division. We have the resources and knowledge to carefully go through your assets and debts to determine how much you are entitled to. Pennsylvania is an equitable division state, which means you have the right to a fair share of the marital property. We will also investigate to make sure your spouse is disclosing all assets.

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