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Need Help Resolving Business Interests In A Divorce?

When a business is involved in a divorce in Pennsylvania, the business owner and the owner’s spouse need competent legal representation. At The Law Offices of Dawn K. Gull, we are experienced in representing clients in business valuation for divorce. Our attorney can help you resolve a marital business interest during this difficult time.

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We Can Untangle You From A Family-Owned Business

In business valuation, also known as corporate valuation, two main questions need to be resolved:

  1. How are you going to get paid your share of the business?
  2. How will you pay the other party for their share of the business?

Typically, there isn’t a lot of cash on the books in small to medium-sized, family-owned businesses, so owners aren’t able to easily borrow against the business to buy out the other party. So, it’s important to be creative in finding options for resolving a business in divorce. Our attorney has the experience to propose creative solutions to resolve your business interests in divorce.

Our firm’s comprehensive approach will ensure we account for a complete valuation of the business and its assets. Additionally, we will bring in other resources when needed, such as hiring forensic accountants to analyze the business’ books. Our goal is to make sure your business valuation is done in a professional and practical manner.

We Will Work On Your Business Valuation

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