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What Will Your Custody Agreement Look Like?

At The Law Offices of Dawn K. Gull, our goal is for you to have the best custody arrangement for you and your child. We know how difficult and emotional separation can be when a child is involved. Our child custody attorney will explain your options and the different types of custody arrangements to fit your situation.

Our offices are located in Wexford, and we serve Allegheny and Butler counties. Call today to discuss your case: 412-440-5718.

The Biggest Challenge Parents Face

Finding a way to co-parent your child when you do not get along with the other parent is probably the most challenging aspect of custody litigants. The problem is that you must communicate with the other parent on some level for the benefit of your child or children. We can coach you through the legal aspects of co-parenting. We will be straightforward and give you practical advice about this critical element of your case.

How Do Custody Agreements Vary?

In Pennsylvania, there are different types of custody: legal custody, which is the right to make decisions for the child, and physical custody, which is actual time spent with the child. Within these two distinctions, many other types of custody exist, such as partial custody (aka visitation rights), shared custody, primary custody, and many others. We will walk you through each option and will work hard to obtain a favorable solution for your case.

What About Modifications?

We work with clients at all stages of custody proceedings. If you need to make a custody modification or modification of child support, our lawyer can help you make those changes.

We can also assist you with parental relocation.

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