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Financial assessment important when going through divorce

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Divorce |

Getting divorced is never an easy experience from an emotional standpoint. However, it can also be challenging from a financial standpoint, and this is true whether a couple has few assets or many high-value assets. Here are a couple of important moves to make to protect oneself financially when going through  divorce in Pennsylvania.

First, creating a comprehensive budget is essential for developing a strong understanding of one’s financial situation. The reason for this is that the budget offers a look at what a person’s expenses are compared with his or her income. For the budget to accurately reflect the individual’s post-divorce situation, it should not include any income that the future ex generates. However, it can include any spousal support that he or she anticipates receiving.

In addition to creating a budget, it is wise for individuals who are getting a divorce to reassess their monetary goals. For example, maybe they wish to retire within a certain time frame, or perhaps they are interested in purchasing a new car in the next year or two. The sooner they pinpoint their financial objectives, the sooner they can create plans for funding these achievements.

The process of getting a divorce can quickly become overwhelming due to the many moving parts of the divorce process. However, if two divorcing individuals can see eye to eye on how to split their assets, for example, they might be able to reach a divorce settlement outside of court, thus avoiding further court intrusion. An attorney in Pennsylvania can guide a divorcing spouse in achieving a comprehensive and just settlement that effectively addresses his or her financial goals in both the short term and the long term.