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Factors to consider prior to getting a divorce

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Divorce |

Many couples in Pennsylvania have a hard time figuring out when to move forward with marital dissolution if they cannot reconcile their differences. Should they jump into divorce right away, or should they hold off on it and wait to see if things improve? Here’s a rundown on important factors to consider prior to moving forward with divorce.

First, it is wise for people to express their unhappiness with their spouses before they file for divorce. A commonly mistaken belief in marriages is that the other party can read one’s mind, which simply is not true. However, when unhappy individuals express how they feel with the other party, it is critical that they do this tactfully for the best results.

Another important factor to consider is if the two parties have tried marital counseling. Unhappiness is often the result of communication breakdown. A counselor may open up their communication lines and help them to decide whether their issues are resolvable before they proceed with divorce.

Making the decision to get a divorce can no doubt be difficult both emotionally and financially. However, if two divorcing spouses can find common ground regarding matters like property division and child custody, this can help to eliminate the stress that typically comes with going to divorce trial. Of course, if the two parties cannot agree on some of these matters, they have no choice but to take these issues to trial, where a judge will determine their outcomes. In either situation, an attorney in Pennsylvania will push for an outcome that is in the client’s best interests both short term and long term.