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Debt issues can easily spark divorce

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Divorce |

A variety of problems can lead to the end of a marriage in Pennsylvania, but in many marital breakup cases, money is the root cause. Specifically, debt is the issue that drives the two spouses apart. Unfortunately, when two people fight about money during their marriage and thus decide to divorce, money can remain a major source of conflict during their divorce proceeding, too.

Research shows that over half of couples enter their relationships with debt. In addition, according to 40 percent of them, their financial burdens end up negatively impacting their relationships. Those who bicker frequently have a 30 percent greater chance of getting divorced.

Sometimes, couples disagree about who should assume responsibility for certain debts. In other situations, spouses who are worried about overcoming their debt simply struggle to communicate in a healthy manner, and their relationship suffers as a result. The best way of overcoming debt in a marriage is to get organized and figure out a method of paying down the debt together so that both parties are working toward a common goal.

Of course, sometimes, no matter how hard feuding spouses try to make their marriage work, they are unable to do so and thus have no choice but to divorce. However, an attorney in Pennsylvania can provide a divorcing spouse with the guidance that he or she needs to pursue the most personally favorable outcome possible when it comes to alimony and property division, for example. The attorney’s main goal is to ensure that the client’s rights and best interests are upheld from beginning to end.