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Divorce can affect future Social Security benefits

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Divorce |

The majority of United States laborers qualify for retirement benefits from Social Security. However, many individuals who have gotten divorced in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are unaware of how this can affect their Social Security benefit collection process. Let’s take a glimpse at some key considerations regarding collecting benefits from Social Security post divorce.

For starters, a man can collect Social Security based on his ex-wife’s record if the two were married for one decade, for example. He can do this even if his ex-wife has already married someone else. However, he cannot be remarried, and he must also be 62 years of age. Furthermore, his benefit amount based on his own record has to be lower than the amount he would get based on his ex-wife’s record.

If the man decides to marry someone, he will lose his eligibility for benefits based on the former wife’s record. Still, he will regain this eligibility if his new wife dies. In addition, if he divorces several times but stayed married for 10-plus years every time, he can seek Social Security based on whichever ex-wife’s record will generate the most retirement benefits for him.

A marital breakup can no doubt impact a person’s finances both in the near term and long term. This is why making prudent financial decisions is paramount during every step of a divorce proceeding. A family law attorney can help those going through divorce to pursue the most favorable financial outcomes for themselves given the unique circumstances surrounding their marital breakups in Pennsylvania.