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Lack of dedication, domestic violence may spark divorce

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Divorce |

Keeping a marriage together is no easy feat, especially when a marriage is built on a not-so-sturdy foundation in the first place. In many cases, two people who are married simply cannot make their marriage work, so their only option is to get a divorce. Research shows that couples in Pennsylvania and elsewhere end their marriages for a wide range of reasons, from a lack of dedication to domestic violence.

When it comes to dedication, in some marriages, one spouse has a greater level of commitment to the other spouse than the other party does. Unfortunately, because both spouses are not on the same page regarding their feelings about the relationship, their marriage can quickly break down and ultimately come to an end. In addition, some couples divorce as a result of adultery. Meanwhile, others get divorced because they realize that they walked down the aisle before they truly understood how much work marriage involves.

Financial issues also spark divorce because they can cause a couple to constantly fight with each other. When conflict goes unresolved, this can have a negative impact on a marriage. Finally, domestic violence — for example, physical and emotional abuse — can cause one spouse to want to divorce the other one.

Much like marriage, divorce is not an easy process to navigate. This is especially true when a large number of assets are involved, or when children are involved. However, an attorney can guide an individual through the marital dissolution process with the goal of achieving a personally beneficial outcome for him or her in Pennsylvania.