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Signs that marriage therapy may not save your relationship

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Divorce |

Before you file for divorce, you may want to fight for your marriage. For many struggling couples, that process could involve marital counseling or couples therapy. Discussing your issues with the therapist can help the two of you work out your problems, find solutions that work for both of you and improve your communication skills. 

However, therapy isn’t a miracle here that will fix every problem in your marriage. There are some signs that divorce will likely still occur even if you try therapy.

One spouse is emotionally detached

If you were you or your spouse have withdrawn emotional intimacy, that can be a sign that your marriage is over. If you aren’t able to rebuild an emotional connection and intimacy between the two of you, your relationship may never recover.

The foundation of trust has suffered irrevocable damage

Good relationships require that everyone involved trusts one another. If your spouse has repeatedly lied to you or hidden things from you, you may not feel like you can trust them anymore. If the trust is gone, it may be hard for the two of you to respect and rely on one another.

You fight too much (or don’t fight at all)

Some couples have aggressive, even violent, arguments that make it clear they do not have a healthy dynamic. If the two of you cannot control your intense emotions and become degrading or abusive toward one another, that could be a sign that your relationship is too unhealthy. Similarly, if you don’t fight because both of you are less emotionally invested in the relationship that you once were, that might be a clue that therapy isn’t enough. 

Talking with a lawyer at the same time that you pursue couples therapy and ensure that you have all the necessary information to make the right decisions for your own happiness and protection. As difficult as things are in the present, proper planning can help you have a better future.

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