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Divorce-a-phobes may make breaking up hard to do

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Divorce |

Things are different today for couples who have decided to call it quits. Couples in Pennsylvania who wish to divorce will find the process much less complicated today, and there is less stigma attached to conscious uncoupling. Yet there are still some people who can be labeled divorce-a-phobes, and they don’t miss a beat when it comes to shaming those who are divorced. But the culprit may actually be marriage.

Many experts say that the marriage bar is set so high that it is almost impossible to reach the height. So, when marriages fail, the couple may be judged and shamed for not being able to live up to the ideals espoused by many regarding marriage. Society tends to commend those who stick with it through thick and thin. Stay and suffer seems to be lauded in many instances, rather than cut loose and run.

Making couples feel worse than they already do is not helping matters, and there are times when there is no other alternative than to separate. It may be healthier for the individuals and their children if they lived apart. After all, divorce has changed and so has marriage. Marriage has evolved from a coupling that was to meet basic needs to a union where everyone expects his and her needs to be met. It’s an almost impossible societal ideal for many couples.

So, divorce happens. And as long as there will be marriages, there, too, will be divorces. A Pennsylvania attorney may be able to help his or her clients with the often confusing legalities than come with formally ending a marriage. Having as much knowledge about the legal processes of divorce may help each individual to experience less stress in an already difficult time.