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Why don’t people pay child support?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Child Support |

As a custodial parent, you know that non-payment of child support can be exceedingly frustrating. You are spending your time and money raising your child, taking on many daily costs. While you love your child and are happy for the time with them, that doesn’t mean that it’s not taxing for your bank account. If your ex refuses to pay the support that they were ordered, they don’t help you cover these costs, and it feels unfair. 

Reasons for non-payment of child support

You may find yourself wondering why people don’t pay. Your ex knows that they’re supposed to pay and they know what the money is being used for. Why do they still refuse? Some common reasons people give for not paying support include:

  • They simply do not want to do so and refuse to pay out of spite, feeling angry about the end of the marriage.
  • They think that they can force the court to give them more time with the child if they refuse to pay until they get it.
  • They’re embroiled in some sort of disagreement with their ex and so they refuse to pay until it is resolved.
  • They lost their job and they simply cannot afford to pay. They may not even earn as much as they’re ordered to pay every month.
  • They believe that the other parent is using the support money for their own expenses, not on the child.

Make no mistake: No matter what excuses people give, failing to pay child support is illegal. If you’re not getting the money you deserve, you must know what options you have. An attorney can help you decide what step to take next.