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An uncontested divorce and the collaborative divorce process

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Divorce |

In the movies and on the television, the divorce process is often depicted as high conflict and emotional. While divorcing a spouse, no matter the length of a marriage, is an emotional event, it does not need to be filled with conflicts over each and every decision required by the process. In fact, divorces do not need to be contested. It is perfectly fine and very normal to have an uncontested divorce.

Divorce is not about being vindictive and taking other spouse for all that they are worth, which is often how they are portrayed on the big screen. Divorcing spouses in Pennsylvania cold essentially come out ahead by moving forward with an uncontested divorce. This process is often referred to as collaborative divorce and relies on spouses working together or collaborating to reach a final divorce agreement.

Going to court can instill many emotions and could cause unnecessary issues to surface. The collaborative divorce process is designed to help divorcing spouses avoid going to court and reach an amicable agreement. Because spouses are working this out on their own outside of the court, this does not mean they are doing it completely alone. A legal professional is still able to guide and assist a spouse through the process. This could also help a spouse understand when collaborative divorce may no longer be working, giving reason to consider going to court to resolve certain divorce issues.

There are various benefits of this process to consider. To begin, it is less expensive than going to court. It is also more time efficient, often helping spouses to resolve their matter and finalize a divorce much quicker. Finally, it can create better communication for the future. This is especially important if children are involved. Because divorce parents will need to continue to communicate and interact because of the children, this process could set the groundwork for successful co-parenting.

The divorce process is a unique process, as partners divorce for reasons unique to them. Thus, spouses require a process that considers their unique situation and problems. For some, an uncontested or collaborative divorce may be the best solution for them. It is important to consider what options there are so one can move forward with the best resolution for them.