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What is child support supposed to cover in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorced and divorcing parents may experience an array of disputes revolving around their children. Disagreements about child support remain among the most common of such disputes. It is not because one or both parents do not want to support their kids; rather it is more about the fair and proper use of child support funds.

Each state has its own set of guidelines and even laws involving child support. It is smart to learn about these guidelines to avoid misusing support funds. An experienced family law attorney can help you make sense of the laws so that you nor your co-parent violate a court’s orders.

In the meantime, the following section contains a few basics concerning the proper use of child support that every divorced parent in Pennsylvania should know.

  • Shelter expenses for the child such as mortgage, rent and utilities
  • Medical expenses necessary to keep children healthy, including those associated with good vision and dental care
  • Necessary basics such as food, clothing, hygiene products and household items (e.g. furniture)
  • Basic educational expenses like school supplies, books and other costs associated with education 
  • Health insurance costs may also be covered by child support payments 

You should also know how not to use child support funds. Custodial parents should never use this money to pay for their personal expenses. For example, a parent must not use child support money to pay for salon visits or cocktails.

As a rule of thumb, remember that the term, child support, is essentially self-explanatory. Use these funds only to raise your children and ensure that they are healthy and happy. If you continue to have disputes with your co-parent about child support, consider talking to a legal professional for additional guidance.

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