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There are many benefits to a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Divorce, Property Division |

When a Pennsylvania couple gets engaged, they are often full of anticipation and excitement for their future together. Wedding planning can take years, involving lots of venue shopping, wedding dress shopping, interviewing photographers, etc. Despite all the planning a couple puts into their wedding, they may also want to think about whether a prenuptial agreement makes sense.

For some Pennsylvania couples, a prenuptial agreement can be a good idea. A prenuptial agreement is a written contract between the couple that sets out possession of assets, future earnings management, and the division of property if the couple later divorces. This agreement is signed before the marriage occurs and is useful in the event of divorce or a spouse’s death. Although it may not be the most romantic gesture, a prenuptial agreement can protect a person’s assets and family.

There are many benefits to a prenuptial agreement. One is that it protects assets that a person has before they are married. Assets that are acquired during the marriage are still shared. It can also protect the financial stability of children that are present before the marriage occurs. If there isn’t a prenuptial agreement, a spouse can receive all of the assets instead of assets that are intended for the children. It can also help reduce future conflict between the spouses during a divorce settlement by stating how issues will be handled and reducing the amount of time a divorce may take. And it can state how debts will be handled between the spouses.

A prenuptial agreement may be a good idea for some couples who are planning to get married. A legal professional who specializes in divorce and family law can help a couple draft an agreement that make sense for their situation.

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