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Yes, uncontested divorce is possible

Not every divorce has to get ugly or mean, or devastate your finances. If you and your spouse prioritize a respectful divorce, you can achieve it. One of the simplest ways to set the tone for the divorce is to meet with an attorney and discuss your options, specifically exploring uncontested divorce.

Demystifying parenting plans and how to come to agreements

Going through a divorce when you have minor children at home is rarely easy. You and your ex will have to come to an agreement about parenting matters. If you can do this together now, you are setting the right precedent for your future parenting relationship.

What happens if your ex refuses to pay child support?

Ending a marriage is never easy. It can be an emotional, trying time. If your former spouse is acting out and mistreating you or your children, it can become much more difficult. Sometimes, out of spite, a parent can refuse to pay child support during divorce proceedings. Perhaps your former spouse thinks he or she will gain custody during the divorce, or maybe he or she is just trying to hurt you. If your divorce is contentious and involves someone unwilling to cooperate with court orders, you need the help of an experienced Pennsylvania family law and divorce attorney to make things work.


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